Belt Feeder

Its use combines the robustness given by its structure and easy manageability due to the frame´s dimensions, allowing its adaptation to any type of load material, from hoppers or silos, to shredders or mills.

Frame made with UPN laminated profiles and angles, diagonally braced and welded lengthways and transversely, forming a frame and horizontal trellis.

The carrying idlers are bridled over the frame, permitting, in a simple way, the modification of its distribution and position for the optimum reception of the load and the correct centering and aligning of the conveyor.

The drums are made of cylindrical laminated metal sheet, mechanized in a conic shape to the tail drum and the rubberized drive drum. The shafts of the drums are fixed to the interior cylindrical metal tube cubes using conical rings and with SN type supports with bearings to the frame.

The inflection drums which these conveyors incorporate permit an additional holding of the belt at its passing by the drive drum avoiding possible slippages when using low speeds.

The width of the belt, capacity and speed of the transport depend on the product and of the particular needs of each installation.

Maximum transport capacity of about 1200 t/h, depending on densities.

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