Cintasa presente en las mayores obras internacionales

The experience and quality of the Cintasa products, together with its proven ability of adaptation in the engineering process, allows Cintasa a large presence of its belt conveyors in relevant worldwide projects.

Cintasa completed the supply and installation of belt conveyors for the expansion project of the Panama Canal. The job started in 2010 within the reclaiming plant, which continued for two years more with conveyor supplies for different process (ship loading and unloading, sand washing, feeding, etc).

During the same year, Cintasa provided a set of conveyor belts for the most automated desalinization plant over the world and one of the biggest at the Persic Gulf, RAS Girtas Power & Water Company, placed in Qatar. The plant started its operations already in 2011.

In the year 2011, the conveyor belts for the sand & concrete treatment plant destinated for the construction of the dam Barragem Foz Tua, in Portugal, has been designed, supplied and assembled by Cintasa.

During 2012, through different engineering companies, Cintasa worked for the Haramain Project (High-Speed railway line between the cities of Mecca and Medina in Arabia), project awarded to a Spanish consortium with a budget for this project of 6,736 Million Euros.

The conveyor belts for the crushing plant as well as the conveyors for the classification plant were supplied by Cintasa. These plants will be operational during the first quarter of this year 2014.

Furthermore, two special mobile equipments were designed and supplied for the aggregates evacuation for placement of the electrical catenary wire for the mentioned railway Haramain Project. This job is in charge of Abengoa company.

Also in 2012, Cintasa was awarded to design & supply of stainless steel conveyor belts for the water treatment plants of Baraki in Algeria and AS Samra in Jordan. Both plants are expected to become operational in early 2014.

During 2013, Cintasa received the contract to supply 4 belt elevators for the new Metro Stations in Santiago de Chile. The equipments were supplied during last month of September and will be ready to use at the beginning of this year.

Here are some examples of the trust of our customers within the civil construction sector. But Cintasa is also present in private projects for different industries such as steel mills, cement plants, recycling, potash, fertilizers, etc…


Cintasa, strengthening its leadership in the range of conveyor belts for storage, recycling, quarrying, sorting plants, cement industry and other industrial sectors, will participate in the XVI edition of Smopyc in Zaragoza from 1 to 5 of April 2014.

In our stand of 350 m2 located in the B / C in Pavilion 5, Cintasa will show its representative products in all its extensive range. Visitors will have the opportunity to see a tripper conveyor and a TEB elevator which is having a good acceptance.

With these two models also will be the robust conveyor TCL and belt feeder of 1400mm belt width. These products contain many extra accessories that improve its functionality and durability.

Cintasa includes in its stand two TUL model conveyors. Given the versatility in its construction, this model is generally used in galleries, as a long distances conveyor or moving belt. On this occasion we will present a model for bulk material and other for bags.

All products will be adapted to safety standards that require national and international market.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to see different projects implemented by Cintasa through videos and photographs and technical documentation.

Our staff will be happy to assist you in this edition of Smopyc.