Productive Process

The first step in the production process is the collection of the necessary raw materials. It is received, verified and then stored in the shelves designed for each type of material.

The real production process begins with the cutting and checking of the materials in line with the plans and measurements provided by the Technical and Production Depts., leaving these materials ready for the next process.

The boiler making and welding sections leave the materials fabricated and ready to receive the surface treatment or finishing. We have skilled workers of the first and second levels, certified boilermakers and welders and apprentices in training. All our works are performed with an order, therefore we are able to adapt exactly to the requirements of each client.

The chilled shot cabins and paint ovens have the most advanced systems in terms of environmental and personnel protection: filters, aspiration, automatic collection, etc. All our products go through this section, so that the finishes are always unbeatable. Previous cleaning with chilled shot leaves the surface prepared for the perfect adherence of the paint, avoiding rusting and degradation of the material. Everything is painted in accordance with the RAL colour indicated by the client.

Once the material transformation processes have been completed, the installation specialists proceed to pack the different parts that our machinery is comprised of. Before leaving our workshops all the machinery is verified and tested in line with the quality demands that we are obliged to fulfill with our clients. The reliability and durability of Cintasa conveyors and its other products has been demonstrated throughout our trajectory.

Our specific installation and technical service groups in works extend the quality of Cintasa up to the total functioning and start-up of its installations.

Human Resources

From the very beginning formed with highly qualified personnel, we have known how to maintain this quality in order to make our company a national leader in our industrial sector.

Thanks to our team of about 90 people we hope to continue fulfilling the expectations that everyone has in us.

Technical Resources

The successive amplifications and moves of the headquarters have brought us to here, from where we hope to continue growing with the help of our suppliers and the necessary confidence of our clients, well earned after more than 35 years of intense business activity.

These installations have an extension of 21000 m² of which 10000 m² are used for the production, painting and assembly buildings, 3000 m² to offices and the rest is exterior space for warehousing, service roads and other services. These installations have been complemented with the most advanced production machinery and technical mediums.

We have saws, plasma cutters, punching machines, folding machines, bending machines, semi-automatic soldering machines, painting and chilled shot cabins and other machinery necessary for the production of all the products which we sell. The important investment performed in the productive machinery permits us to currently possess the most advanced technology, achieving a quicker, more convenient and safer production process, which has a direct result in the quality of the finished goods.