Apron Feeder

The apron feeder is characterized mainly by its great robustness and safety, permitting optimum and uniform feeding of the product to the different processes.

Frame built with two profiles of metallic sheet in a “U” shape, diagonally braced lengthways and transversely, forming an electro-welded and screwed horizontal trellis. On this structure, on both profiles, the corresponding metal supports are fixed in order to support the drag chains.

The drive and tail shafts are fixed to the main frame by the use of SN supports using bearings. The gearwheels are joined to these shafts and fixed at both extremes to the shafts using conical expansion rings.

The two chains are supplied with wings, for the riveting of the metallic transport plates.

Material transport is performed on the metallic drag plates, these being easily substituted and fitted with beam draggers in the upper part in order to push the product better, acting as a reinforcement of the plate.

The width of the plates, capacity and speed of the transport depend on the product and of the particular needs of each installation.

Maximum transport capacity of about 1200 t/h, depending on densities.

Auxiliary Elements

  • Guías laterales con/sin tapa
  • Tolvín de caída
  • Soportes de apoyo
  • Bandeja inferior de recogida
  • Sistemas eléctricos de seguridad
  • Pasarela unilateral o ambos lados, con vuelta en cabeza
  • Variadores de velocidad / Convertidores de frecuencia
  • Cierres sobre foso
  • Tajadera
  • Cierres de barra
  • Ventanas o visores laterales
  • Sistemas de dosificación, fluidificadores, cierres de casco, de barras, etc.

Application Sectors

  • Plantas industriales
  • Industria siderometalúrgica
  • Tratamiento de áridos y canteras
  • Reciclaje y medio ambiente
  • Industria energética
  • Obras públicas
  • Industria química
  • Hormigón, yeso, asfalto
  • Agropecuario

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