Redler Conveyors

The Redler conveyor or drag chain, is mainly characterized for its great capacity for, preferably, horizontal transport over long distances of a high percentage of bulk materials, that could be: cereals, seeds, flours and definitively any grain product, allowing unloading throughout its length, adapting to different processes.

Frames made with reinforced and screwed metallic sheets (one higher and one lower) in a “U” shape, make the different modules in a square or rectangular shape (depending on the needs of the application), through which, the chains pass guided with their drag plates.

The drive and tail shafts are fixed to the main frame by the use of SN supports using bearings. The gearwheels are joined to these shafts and fixed at both extremes to the shafts using conical expansion rings.

The two chains are supplied with wings, for the riveting of the metallic drag plates, which consequently facilitate and ensure a uniform and constant progress of the product inside the conveyor.

The height and weight, capacity and speed of the transport depend on the product and the specific needs of each installation.

Maximum transport capacity of about 1000-1200 t/h, depending on densities.

Auxiliary Elements

  • Unloading chute
  • Trestles / Feet supports
  • Bottom tray of collection
  • Electrical safety systems
  • Speed regulators / Frequency converters
  • Side windows

Application Sectors

Food industry and manufacturing

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