TCR Roller Ways

The use of this type of conveyor belt is appropriate for every type of manufacturing industry, with a wide range of possibilities, amongst others, being assembly lines for consumer goods, finished products, packaging and logistics, and specifically any interior transport. Moreover, due to its design, it has facilities to include any type of additional automation.

As a complement for transport lines, this type of conveyor also it is manufactured in curve form. It can be used in any type of installation that requires turns or non-linear movements without the need of intervention by any operator.

Depending on the weight of the loads, the frames are made of two diagonally braced lateral metallic sheets in a “U” form or by diagonally braced UPN laterals.

The transport rollers and the distance between them are determined by the product transported and its dimensions and weight. These incorporate a double pinion for its operation via a double chain.

The widths and qualities of production (carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.) are adaptable to every type of necessity, as well as different work situations.


  • Powered
  • By Gravity

Auxiliary Elements

  • Skirt plates with/without cover plates
  • Trestles / Feet supports
  • Height-adjustable feet supports
  • Wheels carriage
  • Electrical safety systems
  • Speed regulators / Frequency converters

Application Sectors

  • Cement and mining
  • Industrial plants
  • Farming and ranching
  • Food industry and manufacturing

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