Mobile conveyor belt

Within the mobile tapes we can differentiate two types: the driven mobile belt and the manual mobile belt.

The driven mobile belts incorporate metal wheels, at least one set being actuated, for translation on rails designed for this purpose. The movement is generally longitudinal, sometimes being transverse as required by the installation.

The translation or mobile system is designed according to the type of conveyor, weights, dimensions, capacities and the specific infrastructure of each client.

Both the loading and unloading of the product can be done at different points with a single conveyor. This allows the client to save costs in the installation, since there is no need to transfer by other means or to include more conveyors.

The mobile conveyor can be reversible, thus enabling two different discharge points.

This type of conveyors are perfect for the unloading of different products in several silos or hoppers.

On the other hand, mobile manual translation belts are light equipment to allow easy translation by the operator or operators.

With the wheels, pneumatic or solid, they allow their mobility to carry out various jobs within the same plant or facility.

Ideal for loading trucks or containers.

Auxiliary Elements

  • Reversibility
  • Skirt plates with/without cover plates
  • Unloading chute
  • Bottom tray of collection
  • Electrical safety systems
  • Special scrapers
  • Walkway on one or both sides, with head platform
  • Speed variators / Frequency converters

Application Sectors

  • Cement and mining
  • Industrial Plants
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Aggregates and quarries
  • Recycling and environment
  • Energy industry
  • Public constructions
  • Chemical industry
  • Farming and ranching
  • Food industry and manufacturing

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