We currently have a wide range of equipment with exclusive designs of Cintasa.

Each and every one of them can be adapted to the most demanding requirements, with the security and guarantee of our Technical Department.

This grade of professional development permits us to face important engineering projects, contributing to each and every one of them the experience acquired by Cintasa during these years, together with new technological developments we incorporate into our industrial designs, all of them fulfilling EC norms.

It is precisely Research and Development, one of the aspects that Cintasa has rendered with great dedication for a long time, with the aim of improving our equipment technologically and developing others, adapting to new market requirements. The implementation of the ISO 9001 norm, whose certification was obtained in 2000, renovated and in force until 2012, is another example of this eagerness for constant improvement.

After sale service

Our client service not only concentrates in the production and sales of our products, but Cintasa also offers the help of our specialized teams for installation, maintenance and technical assistance, guaranteeing total safety with the proper working of our equipment.

The post-sales team of Cintasa is available to each and every one of our clients, offering rapid and efficient solutions in the least time possible to whatever additional requirement that could occur in our equipment and in the development of the work for which the products have been developed and produced for. This service is given always in regard to the working requirements of each client and installation.

We make sure that we have the stock necessary for small parts needs and repairs. In the same way our flexible production permits us produce and prepare other types of parts in a short space of time.

For Cintasa, client service and the client´s total satisfaction and trust in our products is our maximum priority.

Assembly and Maintenance

Cintasa offers an installation service for our equipment, with personnel perfectly qualified to successfully complete the installation and start up, providing our clients a global solution to their requirements.

For any necessary modification or modernization due to new transport demands, design changes etc. Cintasa can also offer to guide our clients towards the best solution, attempting to alter the existing installations the least possible, resulting in the most profitable economic investment.