Silos, Hoppers and Structures

Silos and hoppers, adapted to the demands of each client and installation.

Built in carbon steel sheet, of appropriate thicknesses and calculated according to the needs of each project. With cylindrical shapes for the silos and prismatic and frustum inverted pyramids for the hoppers, in both cases with lateral supports and joins by means of laminated profiles.

Their production, in accordance with the philosophy of CINTASA, is performed in dismountable modules to make their transport and following assembly in the installation easier.

Support structures and transfer towers in large installations make it easier for essential maintenance and for the observation of the correct working of the different material transfers.

They are made in laminated steel profiles, diagonally braced and reinforced in an appropriate way for the different forces, tensions and vibrations transmitted by the supported equipment. These structure towers can comprise of different floors and levels of access, communicated and accessible by internal or external stairs and with platforms that include embossed sheet or non-slip galvanized mesh in the floor,

Equally, these towers include lateral protection and hand-rails in all their levels, which insure a correct and safe access to all the platforms.

Auxiliary Elements

  • Trestles / Feet supports
  • Gate
  • Closure bars
  • Dosage systems, fluidizers, butterfly valves, round slide valves etc.

Application Sectors

  • Cement and mining
  • Industrial plants
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Aggregates and quarries
  • Recycling and environment
  • Energy industry
  • Public constructions
  • Chemical Industry
  • Concrete, gypsum and asphalt
  • Farming and ranching
  • Food industry and manufacturing

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