TUC Bended Metal Sheet

Frame made of two metallic sheet profiles in a “U” shape, diagonally braced transversely forming a horizontal trellis.

The intermediate frames are constructed in modules of lengths of 2m to 6m, allowing adaptation to any length of conveyor required.

The roller stations are situated on the frame in a “V” shape, permitting, in a simple way, the correct centering and aligning of the belt.

The drive and tail drums are made of cage type in a convex form and using “T” profiles. The fixing of both drums is by the use of supports with bearings.

Standard belt widths are of 400, 500, 600, 800 and 1000 mm.

Maximum transport capacity of about 60-70 T/h, depending on densities.

Auxiliary Elements

  • Skirt plates with / without cover plates
  • Unloading chute
  • Fixed upper covering
  • Trestles / Feet supports
  • Height-adjustable feet supports
  • Wheels carriage and elevation
  • Bottom tray of collection
  • Electrical safety systems
  • Special scrapers
  • Walkway on one or both sides, with head platform
  • Speed variators / Frequency converters

Application Sectors

  • Recycling and environment
  • Energy industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Farming and ranching
  • Food industry and manufacturing

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