Strategy & Commitments


On the basis of the values that have characterized its trajectory and which will continue developing its future, the medium and long term strategy of Cintasa is drafted according to the following lines of performance:


Continuity in the growth of different production platforms, in which the company enjoys an excellent position and of its own advantages with the experience and productivity of its new installations.

International Expansion

Continuity in growth and expansion at the international level, taking advantage of the opportunities that different markets offer. Despite the fact that the markets are highly competitive, Cintasa has the great trump card of its experience, technical capacity and resource availability, both human and in materials, this aspect being the key for access and expansion into other markets.


Increase the presence of the company in highly specialized industrial projets and installations, contributing its own design and development, totally adapted to the needs of the client.


Manage Cintasa in a way consistent with the principles of the protection of the environment, integrating them in company decisions. Abide by current legislation and seek continuous improvement of the ecological environment.

Use components taking into account their environmental impact during their life cycle, giving priority to the efficient use of energy, to environmental compatibility and to the re-use or adequate treatment of left-over or recyclable components.

Cintasa maintains close contact with its clients and suppliers, incorporating their worries, suggestions or recommendations about the fulfillment of our social and environmental commitments.

Supply products and services to our clients that conform to clearly established requirements. These requirements must be aimed towards the future and guarantee the satisfaction of the user in the medium and long terms.

Continuously improve our operating principles with the intention of satisfying the expectations of all our clients, through the provision of reliable and quality services in every moment and place.

All the employees and suppliers of Cintasa, will adopt the principle of permanently doing everything correctly the first time.

Cintasa is firmly committed to safety and work health, promoting a prevention culture.

We act professionally, with moral integrity, loyalty and respect towards people.

Additionally, Cintasa, as a result of its intention to promote cultural and educative activities, maintains and strengthens year after year its commitments with Zaragoza University, various Secondary Schools, as well as a serious collaboration commitment with the football team Utebo, F.C.