We spent some time in the construction of the new website, this work has been rewarded and finally we have it operational.

We have created a modern website, being in consideration new technologies, it has improved the interface for every device from which you can access. It has a new, dynamic, intuitive format with great possibilities. In addition, we are presents in social media what are so important at the present time.

We have included on the website different colors related with our corporative color, at the same time to make it more attractive for the user. Furthermore the menu is intuitive and easy to use, that makes a fast way to find what they need.

All this is aimed at a good user experience, and facilitates contact with the company. We make easier the contact with the main office as well as with our delegations or our distributors. Through some forms, it can be made from specific question to offer request, which are directly attended by our sales staff of Cintasa.

As important novelty for our client, we have created a customer area for their use which will be managed from Cintasa.  Each client will have an exclusive access with all documentation necessary and downloadable related with the products of Cintasa.

We hope that our work and enthusiasm in this new website is also useful and comfortable for all those who visit it.

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