International Presence

After a continuous growth in the national market during its early years and become a benchmark in its sector, Cintasa opted in the 80s for its internationalization.

The company began its expansion in the closest European countries to, with effort, work, innovation and expertise, have installations throughout Europe.

Business ambition brings to a search for new markets reaching South America in the 90s. Cintasa today has presence in most of the South American territory with more than 40 references.

Cintasa’s expansion was not limited and continued to export their equipment to several plants in some countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

The latest achievement of the company has been the presence of their products in North American market with major installations in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Continuous improvement and adaptability to all markets has positioned Cintasa as an international leader in the design and supply of conveyor belts. Cintasa has been known how to live up to demands in highly specialized installations.

Today we can say that Cintasa has supplied its products in installations on the five continents, and its exportation represents more than 70% of its production.