In Cintasa we keep working in our ambitious goal of international expansion. Because of that, we are pleased to inform that we have a new agreement with the company of Intrainsas. In this way, Intrainsas become a part of our distributors. With them Cintasa expands its presence in more than 25 countries, in addition to others which are managed directly from our main office in Zaragoza.

Intrainsas became our exclusive distributor in Colombia. This company, specialized in areas as cement, mining and sugar factories, has an extensive experience and know-how, representing machinery manufacturers and doing maintenance service, manufacturing and equipment repair. For this reasons, we are sure Intrainsas is the perfect fellow traveler in this new adventure and also to expand our brand in this market.

The expectations in Colombia are really encouraging. Nowadays Colombian economy is increasing thanks to legal security, tax incentives, good management of macroeconomic and an important inflow of foreign capital. All of that has resulted in high growth rates, low inflation and moderate public debt.

Last year, main sectors of the economy that grew above the average were: construction (9,8%), agriculture (5,2%), mining and quarrying (4,9%), electricity, gas and water, (4,9%), financial institutions, insurance and business services (4,6%), commerce, restoration and hotels (4,3%).

All these data, with the experience and expertise of our new partner Intrainsas, are an optimistic look into the future in Colombia, in particular, and other countries of Central and South America by and large. Cintasa has a wide presence in those markets, and our goal is work every day to keep improving and strengthening our relationships.

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