Cintasa was founded in 1973, and in 1979 the company was constituted as a PLC.

In its beginning the main activity of Cintasa was the production of equipment for handling and transport, the agriculture sector being the most important user of our equipment.

The easy adaptation of these equipments for the transport of other materials enabled the leap to other fields such as dry goods.

The acquired experience permitted the design of new equipments and the specialization of Cintasa in the production of all types of conveyors for any type of activity.

Throughout these years, the effort made in innovation and in continuous improvement has permitted that the products of Cintasa enjoy a high level of prestige. At this moment we are one of the most important companies in our sector, occupying the first position in the field of handling and transport installations.

Currently, Cintasa is dedicated to its main activity, with its own technology, of the production of equipments and installations for handling, elevation, transport, warehousing, dosage, weighing, treatment of residues… and an extensive list of activities in which our equipment can be used.

Thanks to the trust and excellent collaboration of our clients and our constant dedication during these years, we have evolved to reach the point where we can provide a wide range of products, with proven technology and quality, adaptable to the most demanding requirements.

In 2004 we moved to our new installations, established on a plot of 25000 m2. In this way we have assured the continuity and constant growth of our company.



The main activity of Cintasa centres in the engineering, production and installation of handling, transport and warehousing element systems. Our wide range of conveyors is based on diverse systems such as: belts, rollers, chains, metal plates, buckets, etc. Moreover, we incorporate distinct auxiliary elements in our installations, which could be: galleries, silos, hoppers, structures, etc.

This specialization in the field of conveyors and in all its variants for more than 35 years has given Cintasa the necessary experience to be able to offer the client the best solution to each requirement.


The main activity of Cintasa is centered in the design, production and installation of handling, transport and warehousing element systems.

For a long time Research and Development has been one of the aspects Cintasa has rendered and given a great dedication to, the aim being one of improving our products technologically and developing new ones and adapting to new requirements of the market. The implantation of the ISO 9001 norms, whose certification was obtained in 2000 is another example of this eagerness for continuous improvement.

Quality business has always been a goal of Cintasa. Related to this, Cintasa received in 2006 the prize Vendor to Quality. These awards are the oldest business and professional distinctions in Aragon and one of the highest prestige. These awards are presented by the community´s Marketing Club, these awards do not include any economical prize, are valued for the recognition and are given via the voting of the associations and members of the Club throughout the year.

All our staff works with the sole purpose of satisfying the client and trying to achieve the closest possible working relationship, being helped in this task by our sales network.