TDP Dosing Conveyor

Compact dosing conveyor including integrated weighing system that regulates the speed of the band through a control panel and frequency variator according to the required capacity.

The weight of the transported material is determined by weighing the load and measuring the speed of the belt. The weighing precision is +/- 0.5% and depending on the design, wide ranges of capacity are allowed, which can be from several kilograms/hour to hundreds tons/hour.

The widths and type of dosing conveyor will depend on the transport capacity and product. Optional fully enclosed fabrication.

The dosing conveyor can be installed under the hopper or suspended in the hopper, which in turn can incorporate static weighing.

Auxiliary Elements

  • Skirt plates with/without cover plates
  • Unloading chute
  • Bottom tray of collection
  • Electrical safety systems
  • Speed variators / Frequency converters

Application Sectors

  • Cement and mining
  • Industrial Plants
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Aggregates and quarries
  • Recycling and environment
  • Energy industry
  • Chemical industry

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